Providing for a Sustainable Society
by an environmentally-friendly system

Our mission is to make everyone’s daily life “more natural, more comfortable and more fun”

It’s wonderful to have little pleasures in daily life.
It is our wish to bring lots of products that make such life possible.

Our product’s keywords are “green, design, and function”.

Products that make us smile, products to be proud of after 100years,
Products created from our hope for a better future in 100years,
we all are moving forward steadily, step by step, to realize a sustainable society.


  • Mission

    From each and everyone’s lifestyle, it is our wish to produce a comfortable and sustainable society

  • Vision

    A world full of comfortable and sustainable living filled with fun

  • Value

    Providing products with sustainability, design quality, and high functionality


Company name E.OCT Inc.
Headquarters 150-0001 38-15, 5-chome Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Yuriko Takahashi, President
Established 1/1/2011
※Office Oct Inc.(1987) and Envirotec Inc.(1990) became incorporated as one(2011)
Capital 70 million yen
Employees 31
Business import, wholesale, and retail of sustainable products
design planning, production and sales of environmental products,
and development of green cleaning tools
Major Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd Omote-sando Branch and SMBC Shibuya Branch


Major Overseas Suppliers & Products

Austria Rezi Microfaserprodukte GmbH (Copper cloth)
Belgium S.A. REALCO (eezym)
Denmark Dykon A/S (Engmo Dun Duvet)
Finland Ari Turunen (On the Rocks)
Majamoo Ltd. (Birch Pot Stand)
Germany delta pronatur Dr.Ktasuss & Dr.Beckmann KG
Latvia SIA Pinumu pasaule (Willow basket)
Sweden Bengt & Lotta AB (Design)
Dykon A/S (Engmo Dun, Down products)
Ergolife AB (Chair)
Fredesk AB (Desk Riser)
Klippan Yllefabrik AB (Blankets,Throws, textile, etc.)
Mycro System Duotex AB (cleaning goods)
Teko Tryk AB (sponge wipe)

Domestic Suppliers

Axel Japan(Cleaning brush)
Sweden Import (Mill-cafe)
Tosaryu(Cutting boards, wooden products)
Rinnesha(insct repellent)


JAPAN Kayo Aoyama / Rieko Oka / kata kata / Makoto Koizumi / Taro Manabe / Akira Minagawa
SWEDEN Bengt Lindberg / Birgitta Bengtsson Björk / Bitte Stenström / Edholm Ullenius / Emelie Ek / Ingela Berntsson / Karin Mannerstål / Kristina Stark / Lena M Karlsson / Lotta Glave / Margareta Heijkenskjöld Holmgren / Maria Homer Dahlgren / Olle Eksell / Paula Lönnqvist / Ronja Reuber / Tina Backman
Finland Ari Turunen / Jani Martikainen / Rile Norberg / Saana Sipilä & Olli Sallinen / Sanna Lehti & Anni Kääriä / Tove Jansson
FRANCE Bernard Vuarnesson
LATVIA Peteris Tutans
Austria Peteris Tutans

Major Customers

Wholesalers Chuo bussan Corporation
Daido Co., Ltd.
Eclore Co., Ltd.
Ohsawa Japan Co. Ltd.
Ozax Corporation
Weeks Co., Ltd.
Y-Yacht Co., Ltd.
Department Stores Hanakyu Hanshin Department Stores Inc.
Isetan Mituskoshi Ltd.
JR Tokai Takashimaya Co., Ltd.
Matsuya Co., Ltd.
Takashimaya Co, Ltd.
WAKO Co., Ltd.
Catalogs Lightup Shopping Club
Sekai Bunkasha
Shueisha Inc.
Retailers ACTUS Corporation
BEAMS Co., Ltd.
Illums Japan
MINA Co., Ltd.
Sempre Design Co., Ltd.
The Loft Co., Ltd.
EC Amazon
Askul Corporation


Office Oct Inc.

Office Oct
  • Office Oct was established to handle literature and advertisements on request from Yomiuri Shinbun, Japanese major newspaper company.
Concert and Wine
  • Produced “Concert and Wine (GOETHE INSTITUT JAPAN)”
  • Office Oct was incorporated
  • The Tokyo Commodity Exchange’s company guide produced by Office OCT was awarded “Excellent Prize” in company guide category.
  • Office Oct began engaging in architectural concept works, exhibition and, annual report productions, resort planning, advertising planning, and many others. (~1996)
  • Produced 9 concerts by RISING STARS (Youth Steel Orchestra of U.S.VIRGING ISLANDS” consist of 44 members from 8 years old to 18 years old) in Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Office’s Square, Sumida Riverside Hall) & Kanto Area. two international exchange program with Primary school and Senior high school in Tokyo and Chiba.
  • Planned and produced “Kiitos” (in-flight magazine for Finnair)
FINLANDIA Sustainable Design Exhibition
  • Planned and produced “SUOMI” (general information magazine for Finland).
  • Started joint works with Embassy of Finland and the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan.(~2004)
  • Planned and produced “FINLANDIA” (official guide book for Finland’s National Tourism Organization).
  • Produced “Sustainable Design Exhibition” and operated its Museum Shop. (sponsored by LIVING DESIGN CENTER OZONE).
  • Began sales of eco-product, “e.spongewipe”.
  • Introduced and sold a variety of environmentally and socially responsible products focused in northern Europe and Germany.
  • Produced “Sustainable Design Exhibition” and operated its Museum Shop. (sponsored by LIVING DESIGN CENTER OZONE).
  • Became a sole agent for “FROSCH”, German eco detergent
Socio-Design Exhibition
  • Produced “Socio-Design Exhibition (International Ceramics Festival)”
  • Changed to sales of sustainable products from planning and production business Exhibited at IFFT (Interior Lifestyle Living Exhibition)
  • Became a sole agent for the Swedish company, Micro System Duotex AB Co., Ltd.
  • Started sales of MQ・Duotex, next generation cleaning tool
  • Started importing and selling KLIPPAN, Swedish textile brand
  • Opened booth at Ap Bank Festival ’05
  • Opened booth at Ap Bank FES ’06, and enlighted visitors about recycle activities as CSR.
  • Exhibited at Ecoproducts 2006
  • produced “TAKAOKA Small furniture” worked with 25 students majored in industrial craft of TAKAOKA college(current Toyama University) and 3 excellent works(book shelf) were commercialized and distributed through office OCT’S sales channel.
  • Began sales of Zoo series in collaboration with Bengt & Lotta, Swedish design team (ZAK! Designs)
  • Sponsored Modern Eco Design from Finland (LIVING DESIGN CENTER OZONE) and Eco-Luxe Design Exhibition (gallery MITATE)
  • Opened booth at Ap Bank FES ’08
  • Exhibited at Ecoproducts Exhibition 2008
  • Began sales of MQ・Duotex series, professional specification cleaning tool
  • Exhibited at Ecoproducts Exhibition 2009; announced “Eco-gift”
  • Began sales of Dr. Beckmann, German stain remover
  • Moved to 38-15, 5-chome Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

E.OCT Inc.

  • Established E.OCT Inc.
    Established E.OCT Inc. in January, 2011
    E.oct Inc. was established as a new company from the merger of Oct & Envirotec Inc.
  • Began sales of BabyGanics, an American eco detergent
  • Ended saling “FROSCH”
  • Became a sole agent for KLIPPAN, a Swedish textile brand
  • Became a sole agent for Dr. Beckmann (delta pronatura)
  • Opened a directly managed shop, “ecomfort (former ecomarket)”
the collaboration of KLIPPAN blankets with Mina Perhonen and Lisa Larson
  • Consolidated ORWAK & Recycling business into ecomfort business
  • Started sales of e.greeting wipe card as a new form of e.spongewipe
  • Produced the collaboration of KLIPPAN blankets with Mina Perhonen and Lisa Larson
  • Started ecomfort, directly operated online shop
Mina’s birds Lisa’s birds in 2014 Autumn/Winter collection spongewipe in collaboration with Rieko Oka
  • Produced KLIPPAN’S blankets by the theme “Mina’s birds Lisa’s birds in 2014 Autumn/Winter collection” and held exhibition at Hillside Terrace of Daikanyama.
  • Started sales of Saana ja Olli, a Finnish textile brand
  • Started sales of MUOVO, a Finnish textile brand
  • Started sales of spongewipe in collaboration with Rieko Oka
KAYARI 2015 Autumn/Winter KLIPPAN展 / Bengt&Lotta展
  • Started sales of KAYARI, a Style Japan collection
  • Started sales of nunoca
  • Held Autumn/Winter KLIPPAN Exhibition and Bengt & Lotta Exhibition (Atali, Inc.)
AKIRA MINAGAWA Art Collection Japanese traditional fans and wind bells
  • Started sales of art posters in collaboration with Mina Perhonen
  • Started sales of Japanese traditional fans and wind bells designed by Kata Kata
Started tour of supplier
  • Started sales of Japanese traditional fans, wind bells, glass plates, drink glasses and paper napkins
  • Produced “Yachimun Exhibition (Ginza Loft)”
  • 1st tour of suppliers
    Sweden (KLIPPAN, Bengt&Lotta), Denmark(Dykon), Latvia(Pinumu Pasaule)
2nd tour of suppliers 2nd tour of suppliers
  • Began sales of Freedesk
  • 2nd tour of suppliers
    Sweden(Teko Tryke, Mycro System Duotex), Germany(delta pronatura)
  • Started sales of art posters in collaboration with Mina Perhonen
  • Began sales of eezym, an enzymatic detergent
  • Changed the name of concept shop to “ecomfortHouse”